BAMA History

BAMA was founded in 1953 by three men who belonged to the East Bay chapter of the SRA (Society for Real Estate Appraisers). During an SRA meeting at the Don Hotel in Richmond, they adjourned to a meeting room and BAMA was born. These founders of BAMA include John J. Peters, Joseph Duffel and Donald W. Mitchell. They contacted several other individuals including George Dodge, Roger C. Olson, Robert B. Harrison, Richard Duhring, Lynn Wilson, Lloyd King, among others. The first BAMA meeting was held shortly thereafter at the Emil Villa Restaurant in Oakland. It was attended by 20 people and John Peters was elected the first President of BAMA. The first speaker was Wilbur Warner of Western Mortgage. The second speaker at the following meeting was Milt Owens of Owens Financial.

Since that time, BAMA has met continuously on the second Tuesday of each month. BAMA Membership has grown to over 200 Commercial Real Estate Finance professionals, the largest Real Estate Finance Group in the Bay Area. For many years, the monthly Dinner Meetings were held at Castagnola’s Restaurant in the Fisherman’s Wharf area of San Francisco. After each dinner, a guest speaker or panel discusses various real estate financing topics. Information about upcoming meetings can be found on our Events page.


Past BAMA Presidents

Friday, May 5, 2000 – 12:45 PM | Jack’s Restaurant   San Francisco, CA

30 BAMA Past Presidents from 1953-1999 and the 2000 President were present for this picture, for a total of 31 Presidents – a record attendance at the annual BAMA Past Presidents’ Luncheon and Meeting!
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Andrew Mekjavich 2018-Present
Keely Fairfax 2017 – 2018
Megan Woodring 2016 – 2017
Brian Haines 2015 – 2016
Jeff Wilcox 2014-2015
Jordan Angel 2013-2014
William Craun 2012-2013
Nathan Prouty 2011-2012
Ramsey Daya 2010-2011
Jeffery N. Shaddy 2009-2010
Scott Johnson 2008-2009
Jeni Bui 2007-2008
Michael Grausz 2006-2007
Chris Cole 2005-2006
Jacqueline A. Denning 2004-2005
Jose Lopez 2003-2004
Kurt F. Altvater 2002-2003
Janet Connors 2001-2002
Thomas I. McKnew 2000-2001
Richard E. Davidson 1999-2000
David Saldivar 1998-1999
Dennis M. Williams 1997-1998
Richard L. Carlson 1995-1997
Tup Fisher 1994-1995
Scott T. Schafer 1993-1994
Kennon J. Brokaw 1992-1993
Kathleen B. Harrison 1991-1992
Jeffrey A. Weidell 1990-1991
Kurt N. Scheidt 1989-1990
Gwaine K. Prom 1988-1989
Thomas S. de Regt 1987-1988
Melinda Ellis Evers 1986-1987

John T. Kerslake 1985-1986
Jeffrey N. Weber 1984-1985
Robert Hamaguchi 1983-1984
Ann N. Roulac 1982-1983
Roslyn B. Payne 1981-1982
Philip A. DeMaria 1980-1981
Howard C. Creighton 1979-1980
Roger L. Gordon 1978-1979
Terry J. Sternberg 1977-1978
Robert A. Fiddaman 1976-1977
Donald H. Kieselhorst 1975-1976
Ivan L. Chow 1974-1975
James H. O’Connor 1973-1974
Monte Klein 1972-1973
Dan Webster 1971-1972
J. Stanton King 1970-1971
John Fraser 1969-1970
Richard Ralph 1968-1969
Eugene P. Carver 1967-1968
Ronald D. Schultz 1966-1967
Robert L. Ash 1965-1966
Patrick H. Price 1964-1965
George S. Dodge 1963-1964
J. Carter Witt 1962-1963
Lindsay K. Wilson 1961-1962
Lavern P. Schafer 1960-1961
Holman D. Pettibone, Jr. 1959-1960
Donald W. Mitchell 1958-1959
Joseph Duffel 1957-1958
Richard Duhring 1956-1957
Robert B. Harrison 1955-1956
Roger C. Olson 1954-1955
John J. Peters 1953-1954